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The C.H.E.E.S.E Project

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Warmer Homes and a Cooler Planet

Our award-winning, not-for-profit, community-led thermal surveys reveal where energy escapes from your home. Our unique low-cost Energy Tracing® leads to warmer homes and a cooler planet through targeted 'first retrofit'.

The C.H.E.E.S.E. Project C.I.C. (Cold Homes Energy Efficiency Survey Experts) commenced in 2014, with funding from Bristol Green Capital, to combat fuel poverty and reduce carbon footprints by carrying out thermal surveys. Having developed a unique low-cost Energy Tracing® system, we have already assisted over 400 householders in Bristol and Bath to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes. A quarter of our surveys are done for free for those on low incomes. We are proud to have won a national award from Community Energy England in 2018 for 'The most inspiring energy conservation and/or management project',  and in March 2020 at the prestigious Futurebuild exhibition in London, we won the 'Big Innovation Pitch' for Buildings - for innovation in building design/construction. We are a not-for profit C.I.C.

Exactly where your home loses heat

A third of domestic heating energy can be lost through draughts. We reveal these and other insulation/construction faults, thanks to thousands of expert pro bono hours developing our unique, low-cost, internal thermal survey equipment, Heatview® software and Energy Tracing® protocol (using smart-phones and pressure-reduction with big fans). Householders participate in the surveys by watching on a tablet screen, where they can actually see how energy is escaping. Having revealed precisely where the faults lie, these can be targeted easily, and often for under £100 by DIY-style methods with a rapid pay-back in energy and bills saved, and improved comfort.

I could clearly see where the cold gets in. When you can see it you can fix it.” Survey customer.

Two thirds of our customers take remedial energy-saving action within one month of survey - an extremely high response rate, and 87% of these responders did so within a year.



"By the end of the survey, we felt genuinely empowered to actually do something about the cold and draughty spots we had directly seen on the tablet, and set to making a whole list of easy DIY fixes."

"Far more accurate and empowering than any Energy Performance Certificate."

"Well - I am staggered. I've just had a 3 hour walk around my house and we've identified cracks, leaky windows, chimney stuff, a bay window letting in damp and an unnecessary vent - venting in masses of cold which no longer needs to be there. This is going to save me mountains once I've done the work - so professional."

"Very helpful in every respect. House much warmer and less damp."

"C.H.E.E.S.E. is the single most useful intervention I have had in my home since I began doing improvements when I first bought a house."

Please Note that at present we operate in the greater Bristol and Bath areas, but we are planning to franchise our low-cost thermal survey model UK-wide.


28 Seawalls, Seawalls Road, Bristol BS9 1PG
United Kingdom
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